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Jason was born in Beverly, MA on October 26, 1991, son of Charles ‘Chuck’ Foster of Gloucester, MA and Michelle Herrera Foster of Ipswich, MA. His loving family also included grandmother Gladys Foster of Melrose, MA , grandmother Blanca Herrera of Warwick, RI, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Jason lived a rich life, always following his passion. Jason taught me about unconditional love and how to savor every moment, with awe and laughter, seeing the beauty and preciousness of all things and people.

Jason attended Ipswich High School, and was planning for his up coming senior year this fall. He was a good student, with skills in math and creative writing as well as music and art. His contributions in high school included percussion ensemble, performance of his marimba composition, stage crew work as a ‘techie’ with the drama club, and drummer for the Pine Island music ensemble. He worked at Ipswich Natural Foods. Jason enjoyed learning Spanish, which he used when he visited his roots in Argentina 3 years ago. He also enjoyed traveling to the southwest.

Jason loved himself, not getting into destructive habits like many teens do. He expressed love powerfully, helped friends move past suicidal thoughts, a friend who was raped and trusted no one but Jason, friends who would have dropped out of school if it hadn’t’t been for Jason; he healed and empowered so many at such a young age.

He is a beautiful, gentle, and wise soul. He also could make me laugh more than anyone I know. I have been overwhelmed with the love that Jason and I have had for each other; his father Chuck also has this blessing.

I have received the gift of being in contact with Jason since the day he died; the messages have been very clear and delivered in his style with creativity, peaceful intensity, and some humor, so I have not doubted the source of the messages.

His messages remind us of our infinite precious nature, how we can release what dosen’t’t serve us, and how to become less limited as human beings to live life fully. He wants us to listen to our own messages and those from young people that have so much to offer with the new energy coming in to heal the planet.

Nothing truly exists but love. Jason’s love has given me a direct channel to him on the other side; it has been an overwhelmingly beautiful gift in the midst of my grief. He is sending healing to anyone who asks for it; he is a powerful healer.

Posted on : Dec 04 2011
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