First Year Anniversary Tribute – invitation to candle light walk

The world turns, the sun shines, the grass grows, the birds sing-all of these are simple things that we all know. We’ve always known them, and we always will.

A lot of people walk by a single blade of grass, without even thinking about the fact that it’s there. But really, who would? No sane man would stop to greet a mere piece of grass, which could be plucked so easily from the ground.

Jason was a sane man, and let me tell you, h…e would stop to greet anybody and give them a hug. It didn’t matter who they were, or what kind of a person they were, he was always there to hug, and to talk to. It didn’t matter if he was jogging down the hallways of the school, ponytail flapping in the wind and a fantastic grin on his face, he could always stop for a moment and say hello; even to a blade of grass.

He was indefinitely in love with art. It didn’t matter what form-whether it was musical, literate, visual, or any other form you could imagine, he loved it, and he lived it. He’s absolutely famous in the area, and to some people even all over the world, who have viewed his work either in local shows, or on his DeviantArt account, which isĀ

Just like grass, Jason was gone far too quickly, far too easily, and way before he had finished growing. You could ask just about any kid in town where they were when the heard the news on August 6, 2009. Ipswich, being such a small town, everyone knows almost everybody else. The community was rocked, and people from all over came to Jason’s ceremony. The room was hot from humidity and grief, but no one minded at all. At the end, everyone received rose petals, and many still have them.

Here we are, a year later. A year of grief, forgiveness, growth, laughter, birthdays, graduations, pain, change, love, and so much more. A year of Jason. So many people have dreamt about him countless times, others have only gotten to see him once. Others haven’t seen him in their dreams at all; instead, he’s come to them while they’re awake. He’s still loving as much as he ever did, if not more. He’s helped Samille rekindle her love for performing arts. He guided me, Aliey, through a horrendous panic attack during the MCAS; I don’t know how I would have gotten through it if he hadn’t been there holding my hand the whole time. I know he’s visited countless others in dreams and more. Jason, you just coming to say hey has helped a ton of people get through everything, and thanks.

To celebrate the fantastic 17 years that we were blessed to spend with Jason, we’re going on a stroll on the night of his passing. Whether you knew him very well or not, everyone is welcome. Please bring a candle, we’re beginning at Audrey’s house at 8pm and then walking downtown, and to either the Green Street Bridge, or the Ebsco Publishing Company Riverwalk, (we’re still trying to decide which would be better,) where everyone will blow their candle, and say a memory of Jason and/or a prayer to him. Then, everyone’s going back to Audrey’s to share an evening of memories, love, and Jason.

You’re amazing Jason. We’ve always known that, and we always will.

-Aliey, Samille, and Audrey

Posted on : Dec 28 2011
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