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Notice the awesome new features to the right! It's definitely much more clear than the other one. If you have any suggestions about what to add further to this site just tell me, if I like it I might put it up! And we're keeping the shoutbox here as well becuase that's always fun. Remember, to post there just send me an email or tell me in person or however and I'll post your thing.

And so this is the new news table, so much better than the last one, oh my. Don't know if anyone reads the news much so just in case you don't and I put up something important that you wanted to know about and missed, let's start a PF Newsletter!

Okay, now for some more typical news:
I'm working on my second album right now, Healing Arena, and so far I have 6 songs done. It's pretty awesome. And I just realized the other day that all of the music on Drinnel and Healing Arena so far combined is too much to fit on a normal CD. Muahahaha! I don't know, I just think that's cool.

Also, I know when everyone thinks of updates on this site they think of flash, but I want you all to know that's not the only thing this site is about. And sorry to dissapoint you, but we don't have much time for flash anymore, so we will rarely update with any; but definitely check out the Newest Content section every now and then. If you sign up for the PF Newsletter though, you'll be told all the newest stuff there, just so you won't have to worry about missing anything.

So I guess that's it for now!

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900 Volts


The Water Main


Violet Falling



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