18 Years


Night Fell,
And all was quiet.
Outside there were no crickets;
Besides the only 3 things left,
There wasn't anything at all.
We will never be able to come to terms
About the fact that there's nothing left,
When we are now what used to be,
When we were what created the nothing?

The only things the nothing has not yet consumed are
The jungle around me,
A temple,
And me.
And as I walked through the jungle around me,
I walk up to the temple.
Having nothing to do,
Nowhere to go,
I enter.

I slid the stone door to the left,
And then all was silent.
There was a dim flickering light on the
Stone wall in front of me.
But it was only a closet-tight space,
Not quite big enough to be called a room.
Despite this minor setback, however,
I enter.

And then the floor dropped as I stepped onto it,
And the flickering light grew stronger,
And the only things I passed by on my way down were dark blurs,
And when I was falling for so long that
I started to suffocate,
Everything stopped.
I began to think I was just hovering there
Until I looked down at my feet
And noticed I was standing on a stone floor,
Nothing of mine harmed in the least bit.

It took me a minute to get back to
But then I set my widened eyes upon
The biggest room I had ever seen.
Stone pillars and walls and floors,
Wooden contraptions and structures,
And flaming torches.

But I was suddenly engulfed in a fearful mindset;
How can these torches be burning
If there has been nothing on the face of the Earth
To lit them for over
18 years?
The only things the nothing has not yet consumed are
The jungle,
This temple,

And then the flames went out,
And all was pitch black.
But how can I still be scared
If there's no one left on Earth
Besides me?

Just when I had begged for the lights to
Come back on,
They did.
And this time I took the stairs out.