She thought she had seen some kind of hut,
Not far off in the distance.
But the river was frozen,
And therefore could not be crossed.
These woods couldn’t be colder,
Nor darker,
At this time of year;
How would one know where to go?

Then she heard rustling;
She turned—

The mark of her destination
Was a weary old shack.
Almost there,
She could see the candle light from
Her current standing.
She then started to run to make things go by
Just a little bit faster.
But she must have tripped over a root of some kind.

The cold wind breathed down her back as she fell.
Its breath hurt to smell,
So she didn’t try to smell it.

Something had creaked subtly behind her.
She shifted her stance on the cold, hard earth
To see what it was.

There lay a mysterious hut right in front of her face.

I must have passed out…

A pause;

        But you didn’t.
Who is that!
        You know me.
…I’m not sure I—
        Oh, I think you do…
Tell me your name.
        I’ve been watching you.
I asked you your name.


Tell me your name!
I demand you to tell me your name!

And then she heard creaking beneath her.
A crack grew between her legs,
And ran down the rest of…
The river…

The stranger smiled as the ice gave way.