The Flicker


Drop your shards into the open box,
Or complain to what's left of me.
Becuase everyone's gone,
And soon you will be too.

Look into the screen.
Kill off attention.
Let the flickering hasten your mind,
And rest your thought process forever.

I want you to tell me how long you have been here.
     But I'm not getting an answer.
I want you to tell me what that is in the corner.
     But your head isn't turning.

Tell me now,
Tell me short and clear,
How long you have been here.

Your dreams of mouth foaming
And sickness
Are better than this,
Becuase those tend to have cures.

I won't waist my breath talking to a blank screen any longer...
     But before I go I have one last question:
If I had pushed the button,
Discontinued the filcker,
How much time has passed as you stared at a blank screen?